Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wake Up Your Eyes!

Uh, oh, did you stay out too late last night? Did you stay up too late last night? What can you do to help those bloodshot eyes and dark circles?
First, use one of the products, of course, that is supposed to help with bloodshot eyes. If you don't have one of those, you should use some regular eyedrops (you need to have these on hand anyway) to hydrate your eyes. Don't forego your eye make-up. Use a dark blue liner, especially on the lower eyelid; this will make the whites of your eyes look whiter. Use a softer eye shadow colour than you usually use, and it is very important not to use too much.
For those undereye circles, please don't make the mistake of putting a white coloured cream underneath so that you end up having white circles under your eyes instead of dark ones. Instead, use a concealer only one or two shades lighter than your usual foundation, or unless you are very sallow, use a yellow concealer. The yellow concealer works best on most fair skin that is not yellow based (I love it!), and I recommend its use as a daily concealer also.
Take the eyedrops to work with you and use them anytime your eyes start to feel "scratchy."
Try to drink decaf coffee or decaf soft drinks if you regularly drink either, since caffeine dehydrates and you need all the moisture you can get!


leone said...

A friend of mine (now in her 60's) once told me that her mother advised her to get up an hour early to "let her face settle". Now I'm in my mid 30's I appreciate how true that is!

clunygrey said...

I love that!!!

Anonymous said...

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