Sunday, August 03, 2014

Harper's Bazaar and 100 Stylish Women: Where Are the Over 50's?

Stylish women
 The list is out: Harper's Bazaar has chosen 100 women who supposedly are some of the most stylish in the world.  Am I to be blamed for being disappointed that only 9 out of 100 are women who are over 50?  And of those who were chosen and are over 50, I'm a bit puzzled by the choice.   But let's look at those 9:

   1. Carine Roitfield: (above) She's 59 years old and looks pretty good, but then she's French! She's also the former editor of Paris Vogue.  If she were a close friend, I would tell her to do something with her hair.
beautiful women over 50
 2. Carolina Herrera: The jet-setting lady who lunches turned designer is a favorite of mine because of her taste in clothing, perfume, and home furnishings. Yes, I can see why she was chosen.  She is the ultimate in ladylike fashion and good taste.
fashion over 50
 3. Cindy Sherman:  The famous photographer/artist is a chameleon when it comes to fashion and in this photo looks rather tame compared to some of her other incarnations.
beautiful women over 50
 4. Ines de la Fressange: Once again, she's French, so what can I say? Actually, she's the best of French style and always looks chic.  Being rail thin doesn't hurt her chicness, but she definitely has style in anybody's book!
fashion over 50
 5. Linda Fargo: She is senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman. She's responsible for spotting trends and is quite trendy herself. She always looks good!
 6. Lynn Wyatt:  This lady who lunches has been around forever.  I like her. I enjoy reading about her at times, but I don't see her as particularly stylish since she has more money than I could spend in a million lifetimes and so much cosmetic surgery that it's hard for me to consider her stylish. Style indicates a certain individuality that comes from having imperfections and quirks, and Lynn just doesn't seem to have any - or if she does, she gets rid of them quickly. Although her clothes are pretty, I never remember seeing an image of her in anything that made me really sit up and take notice (and I've been following her since the 1980's at least).
 7.  Queen Elizabeth:  Now I like that Queen Elizabeth is on the stylish list because she does have style. If you don't believe it, then go to Nieman's or Saks' websites and see if you can't choose an outfit for her. I'll bet you can! Her style, by the way, is perfect for who and what she is.  It's called appropriate.
fashion over 50
 8. Tilda Swinton: I love her as an actress.  She does have style, not necessarily style I would want to emulate, but style that does inspire!
beautiful women over 50
9.  Sheikha Mozha: She's probably not as familiar as the other names on the page, but yes, she certainly has style.  She is the widow of the Emir of Qatar, a graduate of the University of Qatar and extremely active in furthering education and development in Qatar.  She's known for her love of haute couture and for adjusting it to meet the modesty requirements of her home state.

Who would you add to the list of Most Stylish Women Over 50?  I'll be adding to this list in the next few days - the women over 50 who should have made the list, but didn't!


Coach Tara said...

I love This!! So Much Style and Class These women have!! Thank you!

clunygrey said...

They do! And thank you!