Friday, April 13, 2012

Long Hair Styles for Mature Women: We're Keeping Our Locks!

long hair styles for mature women

 So, yes, I've turned 60 (actually last May), and no, I am NOT going to cut my hair!  Above, a smoother look, and below, caught off-guard.
  I am so tired of everyone assuming that just because one is une femme d'une certain age that one must cut one's hair.  I love my long hair.  It's versatile, it's good to hide behind occasionally and I love the way it feels more than anything. And yes, I'm on a crusade: Don't cut your hair just because you are over 60, or 50, or 40.

hairstyle for over 50
Below, Jaclyn Smith looks gorgeous with her long layers of hair. I'm not sure of her exact age (some sources say that she is 66), but she is definitely over 60 and looks great with her long hair.
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 Can you imagine Jane Seymour without her long hair? She is 61 years old.  Can you imagine her in a butch cut or a pixie?
women over 50
hairstyle for over 50
 Catherine Deneuve is supposedly 68 years old. She looks great with her longer locks. Above is a picture taken this year. Below is a picture taken when she was over 50.
women over 50
So Jennifer Lopez is only over 40, but do you think she's ever going to cut that gorgeous hair! I think not!
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Below, at age 60. Lynda Carter is still beautiful.  Her hair is part of her attraction. The second picture was taken before she was 60 (a couple of years ago) and her long hair is smashing!

long hair for women over 50

long hair styles
Remember Catherine Bach from the Dukes of Hazzard. Her hair still rocks!
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hairstyle over 50

In the 1970s, Marisa Berenson was known for her gorgeous hair that was sometimes, sleek and smooth, sometimes wild and unruly, but always fabulous. She is well over 60 now, and her hair looks perfect for her! 
  If you are a mature woman and long hair looks great on you, why cut it? It can also help camoflauge a sagging chin!


Anonymous said...

They all look lovely, I am a big fan of long her as well regardless the age.

The only thing is that, I am not sure if their hers are real, I think that a lot of celebs use the extensions.

Donnachloe said...

Even if they are extensions, they are still gorgeous! I think though that extensions tend to be something that younger women go to who like to change their hair often. The women you see here are fairly classic, know their style, and stick to it.
Thank you!

Fran said...

You are right. After I retired last year at age 66, I started to grow my hair. Granted I did dye it, but other than covering up roots I like it.

Anonymous said...

Love your article! Thank you! I am 59 and use extensions for shoulder length but was thinking of slightly longer. I needed your posts to make me confident to do it.