Monday, October 08, 2007

Lips Are IN!!

Body parts, just like clothes, go in and out of style (yes, there was a time when it was popular to be very small-breasted).
Right now, lips are in, so a few words of warning are in order.
I should say "big" lips are in. Think Angelina Jolie. No argument whether they are real - it doesn't matter - she looks gorgeous. So if you are trying all the lip plumpers on the market or considering going for those fat or silicon injections, keep a sense of proportion. If you've ever seen pictures of Angelina when she was a little girl, then you know that she was born with full lips (that or she began getting injections at a very young age). If you opt for the injections, think carefully about the lips that your face will carry. Angelina's face is strong, the lines appear as if she were a carefully chiseled piece of sculpture. Her large eyes balance her lips. Is this you?

However, if your face is like Lisa Rinna's, forego the overplumping. Lisa Rinna has a great face - not perhaps as young as Jolie's nor as chiseled. Her lips make you look a second time at her face - in shock. If you go to a plastic-surgeon and say that you want lips like (fill in the blank), then you may end up a trifle overdone.
Remember that the key word here is proportion.
A second warning: don't go for someone else's lip shape: enhance your own and you will look the best.
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