Monday, October 08, 2007

Lips Are IN!!

Body parts, just like clothes, go in and out of style (yes, there was a time when it was popular to be very small-breasted).
Right now, lips are in, so a few words of warning are in order.
I should say "big" lips are in. Think Angelina Jolie. No argument whether they are real - it doesn't matter - she looks gorgeous. So if you are trying all the lip plumpers on the market or considering going for those fat or silicon injections, keep a sense of proportion. If you've ever seen pictures of Angelina when she was a little girl, then you know that she was born with full lips (that or she began getting injections at a very young age). If you opt for the injections, think carefully about the lips that your face will carry. Angelina's face is strong, the lines appear as if she were a carefully chiseled piece of sculpture. Her large eyes balance her lips. Is this you?

However, if your face is like Lisa Rinna's, forego the overplumping. Lisa Rinna has a great face - not perhaps as young as Jolie's nor as chiseled. Her lips make you look a second time at her face - in shock. If you go to a plastic-surgeon and say that you want lips like (fill in the blank), then you may end up a trifle overdone.
Remember that the key word here is proportion.
A second warning: don't go for someone else's lip shape: enhance your own and you will look the best.
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Unknown said...

A coworker and I were just discussing the other day about the lip fad. Our office is in the same plaza as a plastic surgeon. In fact, he sends people over to us to get their pre-op clearance.

It is amazing how many women of all ages come in with lips that look like they just had an allergic reaction to something. There was a lady who had to have been about 60 that came in last week. Her lips actually made Angelina Jolie's looked small in comparison. Now this lady's face was definitely not young looking nor was it by any definitions strong. Yet, she felt that she had to jump on the band wagon and get lips the size of Texas. Think of Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club and you get the picture.

clunygrey said...

And the picture is not pretty! Lip injections could be good for some older women because lips do thin as we age - but, please! There is something -um, I guess the best word is pathetic about overdoing it at any age!
Allergic reaction! I like that!!

Tips for Makeup and Beauty said...

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clunygrey said...

Of course! Links are always welcome.

Pandora Wilde said...

People also need to be careful of the lip plumping products available today. They're usually made of essential oils that are skin irritants, making the lips look bigger because they've been irritated by the product.

Since that's how they work, folks with sensitive skin or allergies need to be aware that they may get more lip plumping than they bargained for with things like Lip Venom.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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