Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back with Good Products

I've been concentrating on other things lately and have let this blog lapse shamelessly - but now I'm back! I'm not sure that it was the discovery of good new products that have brought me out of hiding or the completely hideous fashions that I've seen everywhere lately (more on those lately), but here I am again.
First new product: Not necessarily a new product, but great are two mascaras, both by Lancome. The first is Lancome's Hypnose, the one I think that I cannot live without and that will take the place of the single best mascara, Elizabeth Arden, I've ever used that was discontinued years ago. Lashes are longer; lashes are thicker; lashes are curled, and they do not have that spikey look that does not flatter older women at all. The second is Lancome's Fatale, a mascara with a funky brush that takes some getting used to, but that will probably become your favorite mascara if Hypnose is not.
Stayed tuned for the next great find: a wonderful cream that moisturizes and lifts your spirits with its wonderful fragrance!

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Jewellery Gossip said...

i love love love that Lancome mascara- devastated they stopped the Blue one though! fab blog