Friday, September 14, 2007

Uh, Oh, Fashion Faux Pas on the Celebrity Scene

Okay, we all can't look like Jennifer Lopez does here - but we can try! Great hair, sexy, but well-groomed. Revealing dress, but she has the body for it. Good make-up, but not overdone. Clear complexion, great smile...she really looks beautiful! How close could you come to having someone say the same things about you - no, not look like Jennifer, not even wear that dress, but have well-groomed hair, appropriate to the occasion, wear clothing that shows off (or reveals ) your body in a flattering way. Make-up not overdone, but applied well, sparkling complexion, clear eyes, and, oh, yes, a wonderful smile (we can all smile!)? Oddly enough many celebrities can't live up to these demands as you can see below.

Courtney Cox has gorgeous deep blue eyes, pretty make-up that emphasizes them without being too much and - what pretty hands! However, I want to scream, "Go wash your hair!" Or is it wet?
If this was a deliberate do, whoever did it needs to go off the payroll, pronto!

They were adorable once upon a time; now they are supposedly on their way to becoming fashion icons. ( I'm not sure why.) I always get them mixed up, so I'll just say to the twin on the right - you look good except for that horrible expression that makes you look as though you just got fat injections in your lips. I'm getting really tired of celebrities pursing their lips this way every time a camera comes near.
To the twin on the right - brush your hair!!! I really chose a pretty flattering picture of these two - there are far worse - mostly involving nightmare hair days.

An animal is not a fashion accessory! Nor should they cost as much as a Hermes bag. Have you heard of the Humane Society - there are plenty of animals there that really need a hug.
(But if you do try this old trick becoming new again of using an animal as a fashion accessory, do please get an animal in proportion to your size; any animal that could get lost in your chest area is not proportional).

Do I really have to say anything here?
Yes, I do.
I wore that same dress in the second grade, only it was pink.
And my mother had the good sense not to make me wear black tights with it.


Jay said...

lol the dog reminds me of a "naked mole rat"... and jeniffer lopez is hooooot!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't like to read about fashion and such, but you write in such a great style that I have to keep reading.

Keep it up :D!

(Found via BlogMad)

FAPORT International said...

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