Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's After Labor Day!

It's after Labor Day, and you know what that means. Yes, you must put away any white shoes and white pants that you have been wearing - that is if you are in the USA. If you are in Brazil (or anywhere else below the Equator)you can ignore this rule; however, even Catherine Zeta-Jones shouldn't wear white pants in the US after Labor Day - and wearing white shoes is infinitely worse!
While we are on some "rules" or fashion faux pas, here's another: don't wear light, bright blue eyeshadow. First, it isn't in style, second, it won't make blue eyes look bluer, and third, it really doesn't look good on anyone.

In most places in the USA, it's still too hot to wear long sleeves or anything remotely resembling Fall clothing. Seasonless clothing that will keep you comfortable includes khaki pants and skirts, crisp white cotton blouses, dressy tees, and black and navy as long as it's in cotton.
One of the best bets for the next month or two are tops (tees and shirts) with three-quarter length sleeves. They are perfect for cooler mornings and hot afternoons. This year the fashion magazines are full of three quarter and shorter sleeved sweaters as well - great for transitioning into colder weather.
For work at least, put aside those brighter summer clothes, the light linens, and of course the whites. For many people, wearing those summer clothes now is going to make you look like the French Quarter the day after Mardi Gras.

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