Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shoes for Fall: The Dos and the Don'ts

I've been reading so much about shoes for this Fall, what is in, and what is supposed to be so fashionable that we can't live without them, that I'm dizzy. So I figured that it was time to have a look at the world of shoes.First, the peep-toe is big this Fall. Uh, oh. Now these may look great on you, and if they do, wear them, but I remember these from the 'seventies and it's one reason I have so many foot problems today. High heels and little open toes do not go together. If you must wear peep-toes, try these great flats by Calvin Klein
(Gia):Cute, chic, and they won't ruin your feet with your toes scrunched through a 2 inch hole by 3 1/2 inch heels. Or the little beige suede shoes with a tiny heel. You've got the peep-toe, and you can walk for more than 15 minutes at a time.
Next is the metallic finish. I'm all for it as long as it is Christmas or New Year's Eve or maybe even Valentine's Day. Or if you choose a subdued colour such as pewter or bronze. Wear bright gold or shining silver high heels and if you're over 40 you're going to look as though you should be wearing a leopardskin blouse and using a cigarette holder while visiting the local laundromat. If you're younger and it's during the daytime, unless you are at a wedding or involved in a very dressy occasion, people are just going to think that you do not know any better. Save them for disco night or
Just say NO. Instead try these cute ballet flats (below). They are great, not only because they are a more subdued metallic, but because they are a great classic that you are going to be able to wear for more than one season.
Patent is another look that is supposed to be good for Fall. I still associate patent leather with black patent Mary Janes's that I got for Easter year after year when I was quite little. When I was in high school, the rumour was that patent leather shoes were outlawed because boys could see up a girl's skirt in their reflection (yes, it was so long ago that we couldn't wear pants to a public school).These Ferragamos look classic and lovely, but if they're a bit too "old" for you, try these feminine looking T-straps(below). They are patent, have a sexy sling-back as well as the feminine T, and these are in grey, one of this Fall's hottest colours. But please, please make sure that you don't have cracked heels! No one will notice your shoes, and the long line from the rear view that is created with sling backs will be ruined.
Don't forget about the platform - still going strong. But unless you have a fortune to spend and shoes and very strong ankles, opt for the mild platforms instead of the exaggerated ones. The snakeskin pumps below by Cole Haan are wonderful if you can wear the heel and the peep-toe at the same time. However, if you can't stand the height, you may want to forgo the Christian Laboutins.


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