Sunday, August 19, 2007

Discontinued Products

Can anyone tell me why it is that when I find a great product, the store that offers it invariably decides to discontinue it? The Bath and Body Works had Pumpkin Body Butter that worked wonders on my ultra dry skin - yes, discontinued! Another favourite is The Body Shop's Grapeseed Body Butter; although it says on their online site that they are temporarily out of stock, I'm afraid that this wonderfully smoothing cream which is the best I've used so far is going to be discontinued also.
So, what to do? First, I've been looking for other formulations that also contain jojoba oil and shea butter as well as the grapeseed oil. There are a couple of possibilities that look interesting only one is in the U.K. and I hate to think what shipping could be for it since it comes in a heavy glass jar.
The other alternative is Ebay, and surprisingly enough I've found quite a few offerings. I got Pumpkin Butter at a reasonable price - not the $3.00 a jar it was selling for on the website when they were getting rid of it all, but a reasonable price with reasonable shipping. If you check Ebay, be sure that the seller has at least a 99% feedback rating (although this can differ depending on how many feedbacks he/she actually has), and that the ad for it says that it has been unopened. If it doesn't state this in the ad, be sure to send an e-mail to the seller to make sure that this is a new, unused product. Likely, it is, since many Ebay sellers will go to stores such as The Bath and Body Works and buy all the products that are being discontinued at rock-bottom prices, then offer them for sale on Ebay to people like me who can't live without them.
Happy Shopping!

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