Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just Say No! Good, Good Water

Yes, it has been a while - but business has been keeping me busy. The latest news? I've given up Diet Coke!!!
What's so special about this? When you consider that I drank probably over a liter of it a day, giving it up is probably a good idea just because drinking over a liter of anything but water probably isn't very good for you. And with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, the reports concerning the negative effects of drinking the stuff just finally got to me.
So, I have gone Coca-Cola free for over a month now. Do I feel better? I have to answer "yes". I probably will drink a diet Coke now and again, but when I give something up, I have to go "cold turkey" for quite a while. Meanwhile, I've found some good replacements, and number one among them is Dasani's flavoured water, or as they refer to it, "Vitamin Enhanced Flavored Water Beverage". The kiwi-strawberry flavour is as delicious and refreshing as anything I've ever tasted. I don't have more than one per day however, and not every day. Other than that, I'm drinking iced tea without sugar or with Splenda added.
Oh, and the Coca-Cola company! I'm still supporting them by drinking Dasani (and therefore also Emory University, my son's alma mater and a recipient of Coke's generosity) since Dasani is put out by the Coca-Cola company.
Now, all those plastic bottles....I'm thinking we should return to recyclable glass!

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