Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lips and the Best Mascaras

As we get older, our lashes often thin, and mine are no exception. I got tired of wearing false eyelashes for the lush look that was a part of my signature eye makeup and have been looking ever since for a mascara that both lengths and thickens my lashes with making them look spidery.

 I've finally found the right concoction! I am using two, yes, two mascaras, and both are by Maybelline. I first put on Illegal Lengths mascara to get the length that I want, being careful not to let it dry between coats. It goes on best if you apply until you get the length that you want without letting it dry between coats. Then, I use the Volume Express mascara, Falsies, for thickness.  If this sounds, goopy and like too much, it really isn't.  I like the "winged" Falsies best, I think.  I apply a couple of coats of it starting close to the lash base, and finally, I have the lashes I want!  The Falsies in waterproof is also decent, too.  I used it lately when I was in South Africa and Mozambique to keep away racoon eyes.  It worked!
 Beauty Tip:  If you have very dry lips all the time, try this. Your toothpaste may be drying your lips.  Before brushing anytime, put a thick coat of vaseline on your lips, then be sure to rinse lips after you finish brushing.  Toothpastes containing baking soda are especially drying to the lips.  I've tried this and my every so dry lips are finally getting soft and smooth!

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