Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid-Summer: Best Buys Right Now!

fashion for women over 50
   This is a great time to stock up on summer clothing.  Of course, the August sales may bring somewhat cheaper prices, but I've found that right after the 4th of July, prices are low and the selection is still good. This means that you can find pieces that actually fit you well instead of 
settling for a size too big simply because it's 70% off (really, a no-no).

   My first and favorite buy is this pima cotton tee from Charter Club at Macy's.

  Why I like it: If you are over 50, it covers the worst part of the arm while                                  remaining cool; it's also fitted without being too tight. 
                       Runs a bit large, I took an XS instead of a SM.
   Price: 19.99  although a few colors are on sale for 14.99! 
fashion tips
   Below, Tahari pants in white.  Can be found at Marshall's and T.J. Maxx depending on your store. 
    Why I like it:  Not too sheer and unlined so they are cool, but not                                            transparent.
    Price:  19.99 
                                                       white pants for women

Dooney bag
     If you don't know about Dooney and Bourke's Specials each month, you're missing out! This month two of the specials are the Florentine satchel that you see above, and the Croco Fino satchel below.  If you go to the site, you will find more.
     The satchel above is regularly  priced at $318.00 and now is on sale for $238.50, a substantial savings!  It is only available in salmon (shown above) and ivy.
      The Croco Fino satchel is a classic.  It is available in 7 colors!  Shown in red below. It's regularly priced at $348.00 and is currently on sale for $261.00.
       Why I love them:  Dooneys are well-made bags that will last. 
                                  The satchels are classic looks made of good leather
                                  that will look good for a long time.
Dooney bag
   Below, a Michael Kors assymetrical bathing suit on sale at Macy's (along with many other suits as well).
       Why I like it:  The assymetry gives this classic suit a bit of an edge. 
                             With its cut it will look good on anyone!
        Price:  67.20  (originally 112.00)
Kors bathing suite
Happy Shopping!
  Please note that I am not an affiliate of nor do I have any financial connection to the products listed.

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