Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Listen! How Are Your Ears?'s difficult for women; we have to try to make sure that every part of our bodies are attractive...and that includes ears!
Ears are ears you say, what can you do besides keep them clean?
  • First: Moisturize your ears, especially your earlobs. Women frequently have very dry skin here, especially as we get older. Even some of that great eye cream that you use that is so rich would be great here. But don't forget to moisturize the tops of your ears either, especially if you've been out in the sun all summer.
  • Second: Use a sunscreen on your ears when you're out in the sun. Now most women don't want to do this - the cream or lotion or oil ends up in our hair and feels greasy, or we just forget to do this because except for the times when we are changing our earrings, we don't think much about our ears. They do burn however as well as tan, and since they do both, they will show age - quickly if you forget the sunscreen.
  • Third: How long have your ears been pierced? Check out the piercings. Do you still have nice round holes for earwires to go through or have they grown into slits? Are the holes unsightly? Do they look as though they've been stretched or mangled somehow? (And if you lived through those huge, heavy earrings of the 1980's, chances are they do). Wear earrings that have posts with a front element that covers your piercings. Don't wear earwires that pull your earlobes down or that look as though someone has almost ripped the earring from your ear so that there is only a millimeter of skin showing below the wire.
  • Fourth: If you must wear earwires, get a second set of piercings. One woman did this because she found that she always wanted to wear some fabulous real diamond studs that her husband had gotten her. Now she wear the diamonds and another pair to match her clothing.
  • Fifth: While our ears are a different colour than the skin on our faces, do lightly brush some blusher in a light colour over your ears - not just when you're going out in the evening, but also before you go to work under those fluorescent lights in your office. A bit of blush or very light bronzer will prevent your ears looking as though they belong on an alien being.
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