Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tights Are Back!

Not that I ever stopped wearing what is one of the best fashion essentials ever, but it's nice to know that tights are big on the Fall fashion scene.
Tights have the virtue of being classic fashion: they look good on almost everyone (so slimming a pair of matte black opaque tights); they are extremely functional (if you live where the temperature goes below 45 degrees in the winter, you know how comfortable tights can be - there's a big difference between thin hose and a pair of tights!); they come in a variety of price ranges; they come in a variety of colours and patterns - from plain to herringbone to wild stripes, there's something for everyone; and finally, they last an unbelievably long time when compared to ordinary pantyhose. I've worn the same tights for over 3 years without a rip, run, or tear anywhere.
And, oh, yes, a black mini-skirt with black tights and little heels -demure, yet very sexy!


MsDemmie said...

I can recommend Wolford - they last for ever.

Holli said...

Oh how i love tights!
A blessing for when you havent shaved your legs ha!

Anonymous said...

As man, I've never been able to understand the man that prefers bare legs to hosiery. When the weather is cooler, tights, pantyhose, stockings, no matter the color, denier, design, they are sooooooo beautiful to look at! Combined with a pretty heel, a sexy heel, even sometimes with a cute flat, mmmmmm, makes me excited just thinking about it!