Friday, April 27, 2007

Beauty Food

I've been rethinking my lifestyle lately, and by lifestyle I mean only two things: diet and exercise.
I made a promise to my son - yes, I
will exercise!
But I know that without eating properly, exercising is not going to do much good for me at my age when food becomes so important - and unfortunately, at a time when the only people at home are our two kitties and my husband and I. I worry about the cats' food more than I do ours. When my son was at home, especially in his early teen years, I made dinners with wheat germ, cooked only with vegetable oil (when I used oil), used blackstrap molasses, etc., etc. You get the picture.
My major excuse is how busy I am, so I'm going to begin with a couple of "easy" ways to improve your health and beauty by what you eat.
First, raisins and prunes are your friends - not necessarily for the reasons that your mother forced them on you (although they do have that benefit) but because raisins are very high in antioxidants that fight aging and disease. They are also low-fat and low-cholesterol, and are satisfyingly sweet for someone with the sweet tooth that I have. They are also a good source of iron and potassium. The same goes for prunes.
Now some people are going to get upset when I say this,
but if you must have some chocolate, then eat it around your raisins. If you're going to eat the chocolate anyway; you may as well have the benefit of the raisins!
Raisins/prunes help with: dry skin, wrinkles, dry hair, dandruff,weak nails.
It's summer, and I'm looking forward to some decent melons and tomatoes. Good for me! Both are chock full of vitamin A/beta-carotene which helps us look lovely longer by fighting dry skin, wrinkles, and dry hair. It is also necessary for healthy vision.

Our Goal
: This week incorporate raisins, tomatoes, prunes, and melon into our diets in a substantial way - meaning every day have at least 2 of these.
We'll all look better and feel better. More beauty foods coming!


Anonymous said...

But beside adding such food to your diet it is neccessary to cut back on some other type of food

Anonymous said...

This sounds great! I love this stuff :) .

Anonymous said...

nice tips...will try