Saturday, February 01, 2014

What To Buy Now

Ahh, January, one of the coldest months of the year (in many places in the US, certainly here in the Washington, D.C. area) when our thoughts turn to self-improvement although grey days cast a dismal light over complexions and wardrobes. But cheer up! This is a great time to go shopping, in stores and online.
One thing we can do is think ahead to next year's winter and search out good quality merchandise at low, low prices now, and also find pretty accents to cheer up our current wardrobe.
What to buy now?

Something in Orchid, this year's newest color.
 Your best bet is a purse! But even small doses of this pretty color will update your wardrobe. Try a cashmere scarf or orchid leather gloves for a great pop of color during these cold, grey days.  Orchid will add a feminine touch to anything!
A winter coat that you will wear for years.  
 Most stores are having sales with prices slashed to ridiculous lows. You may not find your dream coat, but it is worth a look. Best bets are cashmere and camel hair in camel or black although a bright red or crisp navy would be great, too.

Great equestrian style boots. 
There's still plenty of time to wear them this year and you may be able to score a pair on sale.  Look for flat boots with buckles or a two-toned leather so that they are chic and extremely wearable.

Shopping in February not only gives you a chance to find some great deals, but you can also scout the early Spring arrivals and decide what is going to be worth adding to your basic wardrobe in the coming season.

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