Monday, March 16, 2015

Street Style Do's and Dont's

I love looking at street style trends, and I must admit, I laugh at many of them.  Some of them are just plain ridiculous, some only work if you are under 20, and some can be surprisingly cool.  According to Harper's Bazaar, one of my favorite fashion and beauty mags, here are some of the street style trends for this Spring 2015.  And here are my recommendations about which ones to avoid if you are a femme d'un certain age.

1. FRINGE: There was a time when I thought fringe was pretty cool, but that has been a while.  In small doses, it's okay, but beware the allover fringe look.
fashion don't
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Now I think Olivia Palermo almost always looks fantastic and she looks good here, too. But if you're over 50, I wouldn't go there.  If you must have fringe, try it on a scarf or bag.

2. LADYLIKE BAG: This is an all time classic.  I have a camel Bally bag from 1991 that is a dead ringer in shape and size for some you see on Bazaar's pages.  it still looks fresh and pretty with an outfit. A definite YES!
fashion do
Ladylike Bag

3.  OVERALLS:  I had a pair of lilac overalls by Liz Claiborne that I wore in the '80s - does that tell you anything?  Unless you need to do yard work or paint a room, please avoid.

fashion don't

Stay tuned for the next 3 trends!

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Rosemond said...

I am so with you on the overalls (and the overall fringe!). Unless you are a farmer working in the fields or plowing out the back of your lawn, please steer clear of the overalls. Love your posts!