Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fat Closet? Lose That Weight!

Is your closet fat? No, not you, but your closet? Can you really find what you need or want to wear in it when you are looking for something? If the answer takes you a minute to think about, or if the answer is a resounding "NO", then you need to lose some closet weight.
You've seen these articles before about how you need to clean out your closet, throw away things that you haven't worn for a year, two years, three years (depending on whom you're reading). That is so very difficult to do, isn't it? First, you don't really want to throw things away, right? Never know when you may need to use them or want them again? So don't throw them away.
My suggestions do require some purchases. First, buy some plastic bags that you can seal to put clothes in: space bags may work for some people; personally, I cannot keep them with the vacuum seal. I have found some plastic containers (bags that are supple, not hard containers) at Sears that have good heavy zippers and that are made of heavy plastic. Use these bags for those clothes that you know are not likely to be wearing, but cannot bring yourself to throw away. I have clothes that I cannot throw away or give away because: I bought them in a foreign country and they are unique; they have sentimental associations for me; I loved the way they look so much that I want to keep a reminder of the style; they are not worn out, in fact, are almost new and I just can't get rid of them for that reason.
Now, if you're like me, these clothes are crowding your closet - and they are also preventing you from cleaning or organizing it. Store them in the bags, and store the bags - in the attic, under the guest room beds - wherever. You won't be wearing these clothes, so you can store them in an incovenient place. The important thing is to
just get them out of your closet! You'll be glad that you did.


The Complimenting Commenter said...

That is an extremely good idea. I usually have a handful of things I just can't get myself to get rid of. This is a great compromise. Great post.

Molly Flannigan said...

It is true that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time!

Helen said...

And it IS time for spring cleaning, finally! Thanks for the nudge.

Oliver Twit, Her Majesty's Royal Pudding Critic said...

Great Blog!

I invite you read my piece, "Why I Won't Win Project Runway Next Year" at www.blogcharm.com/funnychit.

animalfamily said...

i put the clothes i wear often in one place and all those 'sentimental' pieces in another. 'sentimental' being gosh, why did i spend so much money on this piece of crap that i will never wear again but too painful to throw out.

i also keep them as an effective reminder not to make anymore spur of the moment insane buys.

spunky2 said...

I like your idea's alot better than the guys on "What Not To Wear". Although I love those guys I just can't bring myself to let go of the shirt I bought my husband, (boyfriend at the time) on my Sr. trip to New Orleans or the dress I wore on the way to the hotel after our wedding in 1979!! Ok, ok you can tell what my closet looks like! I did fill one of those space bags with some stuff just last week though. Nice blog. :)