Friday, April 28, 2006

12 Huge Beauty Faux Pas

Are you guilty of any of the following? These are real beauty faux pas, not just because they affect the way you look, but also because they can cause people to form a bad impression of you.
  • Chipped fingernail polish. This says that you do not pay attention to details and think that others don't either. Chipped polish can spoil the effect of the most expensive clothing.
  • Chewing gum. Have you ever noticed that when an actor wants to portray someone as stupid or ignorant, lower-class or just plain "trashy", she will chew gum to get the point across. Do you chew gum? Enough said.
  • Cutting your own hair. No, you can't, even if you cut other people's for a living.
  • Not getting your long hair trimmed regularly. Can you say split ends? Do you realize how they look?
  • Wearing too much mascara. You'll look messy and as though you have spiders sitting on your eyes. It will rub or flake off if you put enough on, no matter how good the product is.
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes. Sure, they're sexy, but if you're prissing down the street in 4 inch heels with snow and ice, you will look silly.
  • Not wearing lipstick (or something on your lips). Everyone needs some colour, even in their twenties. If you're over 35, you really need it, and if you're over 50, you should be shot for going out of the house without it.
  • Ignoring your eyebrows. Okay, if tweezing hurts, have them waxed; they really are like frames for the face. Long unruly brows can make you look unkempt, and if you're getting older, you may need to fill in if they are thinning or some have turned grey or white.
  • Dyeing your hair one too-dark colour. Natural hair is not one colour. Maybe you want to be a brunette, but ask yourself if black is the right colour. Dark brown is usually enough.
  • Bleaching your hair all one colour. See item immediately above.
  • Covering all your hair with colour every time you colour your grey hair. You only need to do the roots most of the time. Covering all your hair to the ends will make the lower part of your hair hold more colour and look different from the rest of your hair. It will also cause your ends to become dry and brittle.
  • Ignoring the way your voice sounds. Too harsh? Too screechy? Bad, bad grammar? Do you associate any of those with being pretty or sexy? How you sound when you speak to people does matter. Pay attention to your own voice.
If you don't care how people see you or if it isn't important in your business, fine. But if you want people to think the best of you, you're going to have to pay attention to these problems!


Michele said...

Great tips..thanks!
Stop by for a visit.

*Ice Queen* - Beauty Reporter said...

Nice blog. I am writing beauty tricks as well, drop by if you have time sometime -

marie b. said...

I've ignored almost every one of those rules at least once, and I never had any complaints. I guess I must be doing something right. =)

punky said...

"Chipped fingernail polish"

does this still count if its black...and it matches your messy hair?

Beth said...

Actually, my mom has been a beautician for over 30 years. Not only can she cut her own hair, but she has colored and permed it it in the past as well. And it always looks nice.

clunygrey said...

Beth, there are always exceptions to every rule!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

So glad you love my home town, Washington, DC. I am at least 10th generation (yes, there are LOCALS here).
Another beauty tip is to have a facial occasionally. Some women do not realize the number of inclusions (or blackheads) and how unattractive they are. They can look like you don't wash your face often enough.

And I SECOND that dark hair emotion. It seems as people (men & Women) get older, they think they should go darker - hair, brows,
beard, moustache. No one has pitch black hair at 50. And they probably did not have it at 15, either. It is harsh, and very aging. Our hair is the color that it is for a reason - because it goes with our skin. Never dye your hair black, no matter how much you want to.

AND TOURISTS - in any city. I have seen it here in DC, in Paris, London, SF - everywhere. American tourists dress as if they are going on a 26k marathon. Sleeveless exercise tops, shorts with prints (that often don't match), running shoes and stupid pull down or baseball hats. It demonstrates no respect at all for the city you visit to dress like this. The people who live there are probably not dressed that way, unless you are visiting Venice Beach. People from other countries do not usually dress in this "athletic non-chic" EVER!! So show some respect to the world and wear some nice slacks or dress shorts; a dressy top; some jewelry; comfy shoes that look decent. On the front page of the Washington Post today shows tourists crossing the street in DC's federal area, and they looked horrid. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sissy said...
Any ideas for a over 50 woman, who can't find a lip stick she's not allergic to?

clunygrey said...

Thank you! Eloquently put!