Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Almost Summer...Update Your Perfume!

While it's great to have a signature scent that smells great on you, and that people come to associate with you, you really should have more than one. Some people have a "day" fragrance that is light and fresh (within their "type" or signature) and switch to a heavier, sexier fragrance for evening.
I think that everyone should have at least 2 signature scents - one for winter, and one for summer (you can also do the day to evening thing with these usually, too).
If you favor Oriental fragrances such as Boucheron, Opium, these are really too heavier for daytime in the summer. Switch to something lighter. (What fun, deciding on a new perfume!) Keep in your signature family, but perhaps a bit more floral or green.
My 2 favorite fragrances are Sung by Alfred Sung (the classic Sung) and Escada (the classic Escada). Both are florals, but I tend to wear more of the Escada in the winter, even though it does remind me of summer (it has a lot of jasmine). The Sung is a good everyday fragrance, but it is lighter and perfect for summer. I also love Boucheron, but only wear it in the winter since it is a heavier floral Oriental.
You change your clothes in the summer, putting away your heavier things for winter; do the same with your fragrance to feel refreshed and cool all summer long.

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Emily Suess said...

Got any suggestions for a summer fragrance that doesn't attract bees!