Friday, December 03, 2010

SPF - Sunscreen is NOT Optional!

Be sure to wear a sunscreen everyday!  As careful as I have been with my complexion, it is not something I have always done.  Going about day to day life, I often used a foundation with an SPF of 15, but often I didn't.  Now I know that you can prevent signs of aging by wearing a sunscreen year round, yes, even in the winter when all you do is hop in and out of your car to do errands. And remember, your foundation may have a sunscreen, but most people do not wear enough foundation to get true protection.  The answer is a moisturizer with sunscreen and a foundation with sunscreen. Wear both - everyday - even in the dead of winter!


100% Irish said...

Aveeno is a great all round moisturiser and both my daugher and I use it. Won't say what the age gap is between us but a lot!!

Andis Hair Clippers said...

yes this beauty SPF Sunscreen is really for aging, complexion and more.
thanks for the great post

Invicta Watches Men said...

I use Aveeno lotion and body wash. It is a fantastic product!