Monday, March 26, 2012

Abreva: The Cold Sore Remedy

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who has always suffered from cold sores. Although I can sometimes go for a couple of years without one, eventually one is going to pop up - and it seems the season makes very little difference; I've had them in cold season and also in the middle of summer.
  Oddly enough, the way the cold sore feels is a thousand times worse for me than the way it looks, although that is bad enough. But I have found something that works - finally.  And they are not a sponsor of mine, not do I receive anything at all from them.
   The best cold sore treatment I've tried is Abreva.
  Abreva really does work.  In the last week, my cold sore I could feel starting was averted simply by applying Abreva to it twice!  The package comes with funny little tubes that you break open for one application (although it bugs me that there is so much in there and it says for you to use each tube only once).  The end of the tube is basically a Q-tip with the clear ointment (did I say that there was lots of it?).  Put it on the cold sore and that's it!  
  No comparison to my Mother's old remedy of Campho-phenique!
  Remember that avoidance is best.  Wear a sunscreen on your lips just as you do your face, keep your lips moisturized (not just with lipstick - I like to wear vaseline at bedtime, and the rest of the time a moisturizing lipstick and/or a good lip balm (not Chapstick).

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