Thursday, March 29, 2012

Olay Total Effects Anti Aging Body Wash

Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti Aging Body Wash - Deep Penetrating Moisture

The skin on my body is so dry that its condition even has a name: ichthyosis. I do everything I can to keep it moisturized, and it has been a difficult battle even since childhood. I love Aveeno lotion and it works as well as anything I have ever tried, but I'm always looking for more. Enter Olay Anti-Aging body wash. This great body wash helps with moisture in a wonderful way, keeping my skin soft and smooth even before I put my moisturizer on. It also seems to "tone" my skin as well. And unlike so many other products that work well at first, then end up giving me a rash, after a year of using this, no ill effects - only good.  I've used the exfoliating version also, but while it did okay (exfoliation is not the best thing for sensitive skin), the body wash is fantastic.  No more old lady legs!

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Julia said...

All Olay products are great for our skin but is very important to know how to use them.
After my Juvederm treatment the doc told me to use an olay cream to help my skin and make this fillers Toronto treatment last longer.
I had no idea a cream could help but the world is full of surprises:)