Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Don't Go To Bed with Your Make-Up On

Okay, this is a "Do as I say, not as I do" post. I am terrible about going to bed with my makeup on; yes, it is terrible, even at my age when I am not really prone to acne (although anyone is suseptible). Do I really even have to go into how bad it is for your face to go to bed with all the dirt and grime and pollution of the day on your face? I thought not. But more importantly, you also miss the chance to let your skin breathe, and get moisturized.
I had a friend who hated to wake up in the morning and see her face"naked"; she left her makeup on at night because she really thought that she looked better the next morning with the residue of last night's makeup. If you feel this way, wash your face, then put your eye makeup on and some lipstick, too (a good moisturizing one-maybe slick some vaseline over it). You won't have that blank look that many of us with pale faces have in the morning, but you won't have harmed your skin.
If you hate to wash your face with soap and water because you splash it on your clothes or pajamas then you need to buy those wonderful face-wipes (I think Oil of Olay makes some and maybe Pond's); be sure to get the ones that do NOT require you to rinse your face with water afterward. These are so wonderful; they are quick, neat, and disposable; they are not very expensive, and they are also wonderful if you travel much.
Clean your face at night; it will love you for it!

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