Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Hair Product I Recommend

Okay, I have to admit it: I have grey in my hair - much more than I want. And it isn't a lovely silver grey; it is what I call an iron battle ship grey and does not blend well with my reddish-brown hair. I do have it coloured regularly, close to my natural colour (only better) by a wonderful hairdresser. However, I travel often and usually out of the country. I have tried to carry my hair colour with me that I got from my hairdresser, but it is a pain, and when I was in India once for 6 weeks, even using Lisa's haircolour, I ended up with some very different results (was it the way they applied the colour? was it just the "Indian atmosphere"?).
I'd seen the Nice 'n Easy root touch colour advertised on television, and when I was suddenly called out of town for a week at a really crucial point in my hair's growth (one inch roots; I'd put off going to have it done), I knew it was time to give it a try. The result: it is wonderful! I went from looking like some kind of strangely coloured skunk to my usual hair. I wasn't sure what colour to get; my hair is a reddish-brown colour, but I was afraid the light red colour might have too much red, so I settled for the dark blonde. I remembered from long ago days that a blond "rinse" as we called them then always made my hair look red. The dark blonde worked! It blended beautifully, and the whole process took less than 25 minutes from reading the instructions to rinsing and then washing my hair. The only caveat: if you have a lot of hair as I do, then you may want to buy more than one. I have long hair and needed to do not just my center and side parts and around my temples, but underneath as well because I wear my hair up and in a ponytail and I didn't want the dark roots showing around the nape of my neck.
The upshot is that I can't wait to travel with this! If I'd had these when I was driving around Spain and Portugal for over a month, I would have felt a lot better about the way my hair looked!


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