Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Foundation For Beauty

What is one factor that can make a big difference in the way you look? Your foundation!
There are women who don’t wear foundation. They are making a big mistake! Why?
First, because foundation protects the skin. It’s difficult to find a foundation today that doesn’t protect the skin from the sun – and just because you don’t have a bathing suit on, or because it is 35 degrees outside – doesn’t mean that skin can not be damaged by the sun. Most of the sunscreens found in good foundations are not going to break you out, so you can use them without worry. Note that while you may assiduously apply sunscreen while sunbathing, if you don’t wear sunscreen on your face the other 6 – 9 months of the year sun damage can occur – while you’re driving, walking around town, exercising, chasing after the children . . . These may seem as though they are short intervals of sun exposure, but they will add up – and where the results end up is on your face!
Second, only foundation will give your face the chic, neat polished look that you need to make any outfit look good – and conversely, if your face looks good, it can make up for what you are wearing! Foundation evens skin tone, and almost all of us can benefit from that. It provides a base (or canvas as you so often read) that will help your blush and other makeup adhere to your face.
The foundation you wear should be a quality one and by that I mean you should probably buy it at a department store. There are some less expensive foundations, L’Oreal makes one for example, that you can buy at a drug store, but make sure that their coverage is good and the ingredients don’t break you out (of course this goes for the higher end foundations, too; I think it’s just more likely to happen with cheaper cosmetics). I do not subscribe to the school of thought that says that cheaper products are just as good per se; some may be, but they may not go through the same processes and have the same elements necessary to make a quality product. More expensive products have plenty of propylene glycol which gives the foundation “slip” making it easier to apply.
Unless you are prone to breakouts, you need to have at least one foundation that has lasting coverage, especially for travel. I use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, a fantastic makeup that lasted through a flight (actually 3 flights) to India. It has a great finish, and once in India, in the summer, it was all I wore on my face getting in and out of auto-rickshaws in that very hot sun. I didn’t burn; I didn’t even tan! And it stayed on despite swear running down my face at times.
  • Using foundation that is too pink (go with a neutral colour unless you are very, very sallow).
  • Leaving a line around your neck or chin so that it looks as though you are wearing a mask (blend, blend, blend).
  • Wearing makeup that is the wrong formulation for your skin: if it's oily, you've got to go with water-based, dry, try a moisturizing base.
Experiment; don't expect to find the right makeup overnight. And ask for samples at department stores; if they don't have pre-made ones, most salespeople will make a sample of a colour or type for you. Usually, you can get enough for a couple of days so that you can see how it "wears". Foundation is expensive, but it's well worth the price when you think not only of how much better you'll look wearing it, but it's worth in practical terms.

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