Friday, March 17, 2006

Dress Slimmer!

Everyone knows that certain clothes can make her look slimmer - but of course you have to find out just what clothes will do the trick for you. There are certain guidelines that you should pay attention to, but one thing that you must must remember is that none of these rules is correct 100% of the time. Case in point: double-breasted jackets usually aren't the most slimming that you can wear; however, when shopping with a friend's daughter (she was chubby) I had her try on blazers because they can hide a lot of body flaws. I would've bet against it, but the double-breasted style actually made her look much slimmer than the single-breasted style. It may have been the cut of these blazers, I don't know. But the major point is that although you need to know certain rules, you need to remember that sometimes they won't necessarily hold true. So, to look slim:

  • Wear jackets or blazers, not too short, not too long. A too-short blazer will actually accentuate a poochy tummy and a big rear; usually the longer the better although it you go too long, a jacket that curves under your bottom is not attractive or slimming. Usually single-breasted is the way to go (but read the caveat above) and dark colours, black, navy, very dark brown are best. In the summer, buy these colours in (unlined) linen and pair them with white or cream clothes or very bright colours if you're tempted to wear bright.
  • Wear a jacket that skims the body - not one that is a box. Ideally, it should be cut so that it curves in at the waist.
  • Do not wear your clothes too tight or too loose. Too tight, and rolls are going to show; too loose, and you'll be giving the impression that you're bigger than you really are. (Also, wearing clothes that are too tight will cheapen even a very expensive outfit).
  • Wear a bra that fits. Most women, oddly enough, wear bras that are too little. Get fitted for a bra; don't keep wearing the size that you wore in high school or college. Make sure that your breasts fit in the cups and do not bulge outside them, especially on the underarms sides.
  • Wear clothes that look longer or make your body parts look longer. If you are overweight, wear long pants or shorts, but not capris. Wear V-neck tops, tees, sweaters, or buy blouses where the top button can be unbuttoned to create a V.
  • Wear all one colour. Match a black top with black pants, red top with red - although usually the darker colours will make you look slimmer. If you have a colour that is a bright or pastel though that is your colour, and by that I mean that when you wear it, you always get very positive comments, by all means wear that colour even if it is bright or pastel. The good it does your hair, complexion, or eyes will offset the weight factor.
  • When you wear skirts or dresses, put a jacket over them if the style is right; then, wear hose and shoes the same colour if navy, black or brown is the colour of the outfit. If not, then wear matte natural coloured hose with a beige coloured shoe that is about the same colour of the hose. Do not wear shoes with ankle straps or sling backs where your heel hangs over or the straps digs into your skin creating unsightly bulges.
  • Unless you find a case that goes against the rule (and this will be rare), just say no to belts if you are quite overweight.
  • Wear the right panties for your outfit. You never want panty lines, but you especially do not want them if you are overweight. Buy seamless panties that fit correctly instead of gouging into your skin (in back and front).
Obviously, since all body types are different (you could be overweight with long legs, or short-waisted, long-waisted, etc.) you need to get to know yours well. There are many books out there that use body "types" and give examples of flattering ways to dress. Find your body "type" and dress accordingly! You'll feel better and look better.


Get Knotted Paracord said...

Any dressing slimmer tips for men?
Apart from don't wear a bra!:)

organdie jay said...

I'm glad to see you mentioned panties...they really are important to how you look! I even match my panties to my outfit, but I admit that's a little extreme.

Fashion Cover Girl said...

It works all the time! Keep up the tips.

clunygrey said...

Yes, I do have some tips for men. Stay tuned!

clunygrey said...

I don't know that matching panties to outfits is extreme - a little obsessive maybe? But I applaud your ability to be organized enough to do so. I've tried - and failed!

clunygrey said...

Thanks cover girl!

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